What can we offer you?

EMBROIDERY - the best way to present your logo (motif)

We embroider various patterns and motifs directly on textiles or on various types of materials and clothing items, which you can supply yourself or choose from our offer.

Embroidery production is specific and cannot be used everywhere. We will be happy to advise you on choosing a suitable solution.


The embroidery itself is sewn on a base (multi-colored felt), which can be attached to the textile in different ways - by sewing, ironing, using Velcro. Can be used wherever direct machine embroidery cannot be used.


We offer quality textiles from verified suppliers.


We will be happy to provide you with the sewing of patches on the desired place on the textile or other small tailoring services associated with the realization of embroidery or patches.



The price is always set individually for each customer according to their requirements. It depends on the size, complexity, choice of colors, material and number of pieces required.


The price varies according to the quality of the supplied template and the complexity of the motif (100 - 1,500 CZK). In the case of an order of 50 pieces of embroidery or patches, processing is FREE.

The processed and approved program is stored in our database and can therefore be used again at any time for further embroidery.

We need to process the offer

- image in graphic form in the form of vectors from programs Corel Draw      or Adobe Illustrator (ai, cdr, eps, if you don't have vectors, you can also     send a classic image in format
- (bmp, jpg or png)
- dimensions, number of pieces and color of embroidery or patch
- the type of material on which it will be embroidered
- location of embroidery or patch (if it is not clear from the supplied              documents)
- required delivery date

Why cooperate with us?

We offer good prices and high-quality processing of embroidery and appliqués.

We will always verify any ambiguities by phone.

We supply quality advertising textiles from verified suppliers.

The possibility of supplying your own textile (a handling fee is charged depending on the order)

We are flexible - we adapt the delivery of the order to your requirements.

You will find a pleasant, willing and accommodating meeting with us.